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So many brands claim to be natural or safe, but it's hard to actually know the truth. Who has time to research all that? 

Candles are no different; many are made from some truly icky stuff. Hello, petroleum, carcinogens, and parabens? No thank you! Our all natural candles check all the required boxes and are still richly scented and long lasting.

All Natural? Every bit, from the coconut soy wax to the untreated wood wick, through to the essential oils and natural fragrances. 

Sustainable? Absolutely. No petroleum byproducts, and made from responsibly farmed coconuts with high crop yields. 

Non Toxic? Completely. We use natural materials, and no chemical additives. Our non toxic candles are clean burning, and no paraben or phthalate filled synthetic fragrances are ever used. Only pure essential oils or all natural fragrance oils are used in our candles. 

Eucalyptus and wood wick candle

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