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New All Natural Candle Scents

If you know us, you know we’re all about transparency. We want to provide you with the best of the best in all natural and non toxic candles. Up until now, our candles have been made solely with pure essential oils.

We LOVE using essential oils in our candles, but anyone who uses them should know- they can be quite finicky. Due to the delicate nature of a lot of essential oils, it’s sometimes not possible to make the scents we want to create for you- citrus in particular is almost impossible to get a strong scent profile from. Many essential oils simply just do not make great candles, even if they smell fantastic.

So, we’ve been researching, and testing…and some more testing... to come through with some new scents for you that are still completely all natural that you can feel safe bringing into your home for your family.

New All Natural Fragrances

Our new fragrances are made with all natural essential oil isolates. What in the world are these? The short version, is that they are made of the individual scent components of pure essential oils.

Pure essential oils are derived directly from their plant components & their fragrances are made up of many different molecules. Their natural chemical profiles contain hundreds of different mixtures of individual aromatic compounds. Below are some popular essential oils and a partial glimpse of their aromatic compounds.

Table of Essential Oils and Major Constituents








Myrtenyl acetate

Geranyl acetate



Image Credit

Naturally included in each of these very different essential oils above is the component Limonene. This individual component can be extracted from a pure essential oil, and mixed with other individual components (these are also called isolates) to create new fragrances. You do lose the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils with this method, but end up with endless combinations of fragrances at your disposal.

This is what we’re using! Our new fragrances are made of mixtures of these all natural essential oil isolates. The benefit is that we’re able to provide you with a wider range of scents, but are still completely all natural - just the way we like them.

What does this mean for the essential oil candles we currently make?

Nothing different! We love our essential oil line and will still make pure essential oil candles- look for the Essential Oil Collection if this is what you’re seeking. We’re still testing new scent combinations to come up with new essential oil candles as well- they’re not going anywhere!

What new scents are there?

Permanent additions are the Rose Santal, Seaside, and Lemon Cake fragrances, with a fall favorite available seasonally, a creamy vanilla-y Pumpkin Spice. 


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