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Non Toxic Candles and Essential Oil Use


Have you ever come home with a new candle only to be left with an awful headache shortly after lighting it? Many people are sensitive to the synthetic compounds in fragrance oils; resulting in headaches from even the most expensive candles. Non toxic candles are hard to find, because honestly, not many exist. 

Candles are meant to provide warmth, ambiance, and fragrance for your home, and picking one shouldn't mean deciding between a pleasant aroma and toxic compounds. Most candles are made with synthetic fragrance oils and can still market themselves as "natural" products. Unless a candles states it is explicitly made with pure essential oils or all natural fragrance it is almost certainly made with synthetic fragrance oils. 

Essential oil candles are typically more expensive, however when paired with an all natural wax the resulting product is well worth the additional cost. Effuse Candles are made with pure essential oils or all natural fragrances made with essential oil isolates, all natural wax made of coconut and apricot, and untreated wood wicks. Our candles are always all natural, non toxic, and vegan. 

At Effuse Candles we believe in the power of scent and how it can influence your mind and body, and have created essential oil blends for their therapeutic and aromatic qualities. While our non toxic candles are all natural products and safer than candles made with synthetic waxes or fragrances please keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated and care should be taken with their use. Below is some information on essential oil benefits and uses.

What are essential oils and why should I use them?

Essential oils are the aromatic chemical compounds extracted from plants, flowers, stems, fruit, etc. Think of the oil from an orange peel; this is essential oil.

The most common way to obtain essential oil is with an extraction method called steam distillation, where steam and pressure causes the oil to be expressed from the plant material. At this point the essential oil is separated from the resulting vapor. The amount of time and pressure required to obtain essential oil from a plant varies on the plant itself- peppermint oil is much more easily extracted than say cedarwood oil. Resulting oils are concentrated and a little goes a long way in many cases. 

Essential oils have been long used for their aromatic and therapeutic properties. Each oil is different, some are considered useful for cleaning and disinfecting, while others can influence mood and provide wellness benefits. Usage varies, they can be used aromatically, topically, or even internally depending on the brand and it's intended use. Only use oils topically or internally that specifically state they may be used for this purpose.  

Below are some common essential oils, also ones that we use in our non toxic candles here at Effuse Candles.

Lavender Essential Oil Uses and Qualities

Lavender is a very popular essential oil, is commonly used in fragrances around the world, and is considered the most versatile essential oil to many aromatherapists. It's scent profile is considered floral and herbaceous and considered a top note in aromatherapy.

It's aromatic properties make it ideal for calming the mind, a sleep aid, and relaxing the body. 

Lavender oil can also be used for many skin ailments, such as minor burns or cuts, dry skin, dandruff, or even cold sores.

We use lavender oil in our Relax candle, alongside vetiver and cedarwood.

Bergamot Essential Oil Uses and Qualities

Bergamot essential oil is one of our favorites and featured in our Soothe candle, alongside orange and grapefruit. It's scent profile is slightly sweet and citrusy, with a slight herbal edge that gives it depth. When used in aromatherapy it is considered a top note. 

Bergamot's aromatic properties help promote an improved sense of self, soothes the mind and body, promotes self awareness, and reduces stress levels. 

For topical use it must be diluted, but is considered effective for treating acne, insect bites, and psoriasis.

Fun fact: Bergamot is what gives Earl Grey tea it's distinctive scent and flavor. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uses and Qualities

Eucalyptus essential oil aroma is camphorous while being both slightly sweet and floral. It is widely used in cleaning products, and we feature it in our Restore candle, blended with lemongrass and peppermint. 

The aromatic uses of eucalyptus oil vary, however it's known for having many psychological benefits and the ability to promote self wellness, clear the mind, and restore energy.

Eucalyptus oil needs to be diluted for topical use as it may cause skin sensitivity, but it is useful in cleaning sprays, as a treatment to clear breathing problems, and to soothe sore muscles.

Basil Essential Oil Uses and Qualities

Basil essential oil is incredibly versatile as it can be used to season food, has topical applications and aromatherapy benefits. It's scent profile is herbaceous and spicy, as well as slightly reminiscent of licorice. Basil essential oil is prominent in our Focus candle, alongside lime and rosemary. In aromatherapy basil essential oil is considered a top note. 

Aromatic benefits of basil essential oil promote clearheadedness and can stimulate the mind. It can also be considered an antidepressant, and promotes feelings of trust. 

Other uses include muscle relaxation, soothing muscle aches, as an insect repellent, and can be used to relieve cold symptoms. 

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