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Product Spotlight- All Natural Wax Melts

Our household is full of hyperactive cats, a klutz (yours truly), and a somewhat unobservant human (my husband). This isn't a great environment sometimes for candle burning. Seems counter intuitive, doesn't it? The candle maker doesn't always burn candles? 

While I do burn candles and love to have them if only for the pretty jars dispersed throughout the house, or for the warmth of a flickering flame- sometimes I just want to set something and forget it- and not have to worry about our fluffy cat singeing his tail while racing across the tabletop (yes, this has happened!). 

Enter our all natural wax melts! Wax melts, if you are not familiar, are scented cubes of wax meant to be used with a wax warmer. I prefer the electric wax warmers because I truly can just set and forget it, which you can't really do with a tealight wax warmer. 

New All Natural Wax Melts

Our essential oil wax melts are relatively new, being released earlier this year. The all natural wax melts are available in five scents currently, listed below. Each essential oil fragrance blend is handmade, with pure quality essential oils blended together for their aromatic qualities as well as their therapeutic properties.

A package of wax melts contains 6 melts, each providing one of our custom essential oil blend fragrances. Fragrances are completely all natural and made with only essential oils, within our premium soy-free coconut & apricot wax from Lab & Co. Each wax melt provides a true-to-life fragrance for about 10 hours, after 10 hours or when the scent dissipates carefully remove any remaining wax and replace with a new wax melt. 

Our Essential Oil Wax Melt Fragrances

Restore: The crowd favorite, a crisp blend of eucalyptus, lemongrass, and peppermint essential oils. Strong and cooling, this fragrance is refreshing and restorative. Find wax melts here.

Relax: An earthy & calming scent made of lavender, vetiver, and cedarwood essential oils. Even if lavender isn't your thing, this scent will make you a believer with it's almost masculine base notes of grassy vetiver and woody cedarwood. Find our all natural wax melts here. 

Clarity: An herbal and almost spicy blend of patchouli, frankincense and lavender. Patchouli is a scent often associated with hippies, we've dressed it up a bit to tone down it's muskiness with frankincense essential oil and floral lavender. You'll find our Clarity essential oil wax melts here. 

Soothe: Our fruity scent, made with delicate citrus essential oils. This is a softer fragrance that is grapefruit forward, supported by orange and bergamot essential oils. Wax melts in this scent can be found here

Focus: Last, but certainly not least is the herbal Focus essential oil blend, made with organic basil, lime, and rosemary essential oils. A delicate and unique fragrance with a touch of anise from the basil oil. Find Focus wax melts here



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