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Why Use Coconut Wax Candles?

Candles have been used for thousands of years, much of that time for practical reasons, now for ambiance and quite often as a way to freshen your home. Over the generations different waxes have been used for candle making, with the most common a paraffin wax as it holds dye and fragrance quite well. However, paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum and while considered a safe product for home use by the FDA; it has been known to emit low levels of cancer causing carcinogens. While paraffin has never been directly linked with cancer, some recommend switching to natural candle wax if you commonly light candles in your home. 

Recently there has been a surge of eco-friendly and natural candles, commonly created with soy and various blends of fragrance oils. Soy wax is a fantastic alternative to paraffin and makes an excellent candle, however soy is not considered a sustainable crop in agriculture. Environmental advocates like the WWF have raised concerns about increasing demand for soy and the resulting deforestation and displacement of both people and wildlife.

Coconut wax is created from coconut oil, obtained via a natural extraction process and then mixed in high concentrations with other waxes to create a wax that burns cleanly and in many case longer than other candle waxes. Coconuts are considered a sustainable crop as they have both a high yield and crop renewal per acre. As coconut wax is very soft and has a low melting point, it must be blended with other waxes to create a candle that won’t melt on it’s own. The coconut wax used by Effuse is vegan and all natural- made of coconut and apricot. 

Our goal at Effuse is to create a more sustainable alternative to soy and paraffin candles, and with our all natural coconut wax, pure essential oils, and untreated wood wicks we hope to create a product you feel good about bringing into your home. Check out our products made with coconut wax here. 
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