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Effuse Candles is a home based small business located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It all started with tiny little cheap paraffin candles meant as wedding favors for my wedding while we were living in Chicago. It was a fun, creative outlet with a practical purpose. 

I then fell down the rabbit hole of research into what makes quality candles, the types of waxes, different kinds of wicks and sizes, and then the fragrances. I thought to myself, "Why can't I find a candle that isn't made with synthetic fragrances or waxes? Why doesn't this exist?"

So, I decided to make them myself. It took weeks of trial and error to get a candle that burned correctly, then even longer to fine tune the scents. See, I was determined to use essential oils for my first round of candles, and essential oils are famously finicky and hard to use in candles. I spent hours researching the qualities of each essential oil, the flash points, the unique qualities of each oil, and the pitfalls of using them in candles. I finally developed four scents for the initial release of Effuse Candles in May of 2018. 

My die-hard stubbornness and pursuit of perfection pushed me through some back to the drawing board moments in the testing stages, and I'm so glad it did. Making these candles not only means something to me personally, it means something to you, our clients, to have a product that you know is safe and worth bringing into your home. 

My mission has always been to create a more sustainable alternative to not only paraffin; but also soy wax candles. All of our handcrafted candles are made with all natural vegan ingredients. The plant based coconut and apricot wax used in all our products is a sustainable product, our essential oils are 100% pure, and both the wood and cotton wicks used on our candles are untreated products. Read more about coconut wax vs soy wax in one of our blog posts

Our scents at Effuse Candles are true scents plucked straight from nature, they are never overpowering and always real. The Essential Oil Collection uses only 100% pure essential oils, hand blended to create distinct fragrances by moi. Our newer, all natural fragrances are closer to the traditional scents you'd find in a store, but still clean burning fragrances created from essential oil isolates

All candles are made in (very) small batches, typically 4-8 at a time. Candles are made in a smoke free, but very pet filled home. My pouring assistants have much fur, but are kept out of the way as much as you can keep cats out of the way. Peep our instagram for a glimpse of these furry beasts we love so very much. 

Amanda McCann Designs was invaluable in assisting with branding, logo design, and overall just being an awesome and supportive friend. Check out her design work.

Props to my husband, Cole, for putting up with the constant array of candles that cover every surface in our home, and for being my designated sniffer. 

The Effuse Candles brand and products are passion projects and always will be. It's not a perfectly coordinated Instagram feed, a massive marketing plan, nor are we cranking out thousands of candles a year and shipping to every corner of the globe. It's just me, a weird and nerdy woman making and lazily promoting a product in my spare time that I believe in, and I know you'll love just as much as I do. <3

cindy and cole

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